Italy is known for producing numerous products of high-quality. Italian designer fashions and cars are very much recognised and sought-after, globally. Many visitors return regularly to Italy, for the enjoyment of beautiful landscapes and coastal areas, plus explorations of Italy’s history and cultural heritage. There are many more attractions and qualities the country has to offer, including very impressive glassware, porcelain, lace and furniture, plus wonderful cuisine and wines, for example.

Giacomo Casanova lived during the 18thcentury. Born 2ndApril 1725, in Venice, he lived for 73 years. During his life, the legendary Giacomo Casanova was an adventurer, poet, musician, writer and spy, amongst his many attributes, as well as being renowned for his encounters with females. Entering the University of Padua, at twelve years of age, Casanova graduated at age seventeen with a degree in law and constantly searched to satisfy his desires for love and lust.

During the early part of the 21stcentury Carlo Parodi envisaged the creation of a Museum & Experience, to offer everyone the opportunity to learn and discover about the life of Giacomo Casanova. Carlo Parodi, founder of Giacomo Casanova Limited and the Giacomo Casanova Foundation works tirelessly, along with professionals, that include university professors, plus many other knowledgeable and skilled personnel and has created the Museum & Experience, for all to enjoy. The first Giacomo Casanova Museum is located in Venice. As well as the very interesting memorabilia, which includes paintings and artefacts from Casanova’s life and times, modern technology and multimedia inclusions allow visitors, of all ages, to engage in - and discover – the world of this charismatic man. The romances of Giacomo Casanova, plus the styles and ways of life, of that era, hold much interest and fascination, evoking and satisfying curiosity and intrigue.

From Mr Carlo Parodi: “I’ve decided to offer a tribute to Casanova, a man of love, poetry, music and adventure, giving evidence of the educated, cultivated, learned and refined gentleman - Giacomo Casanova.”

by Trevor Langley